Monday, June 1, 2009

Three Boys Gone Home

It has been an emotional few days. Most of it good. On Thursday, one of the families that is adopting found out their son has sickle cell anemia. It didn’t matter to them, it just put a wrinkle in their plans. They have already adopted one special needs child. They went back to the doctor on Friday, and he does not have sickle cell. 
Friday we had a party at the babies home. Two boys were going to live with there families. One will live here in Uganda for a while. The other went to California.
There was a third little boy that went home. He went home to heaven. One of the babies with sickle cell died Saturday morning at the hospital.
There are several children here with sickle cell. They do not get much in the way of treatment here and their prognosis is not good. If anyone out there is interested in adopting one of these children please do so. I can tell you that they are some of the cutests ones here at the home. I would bring them all home if they would let me.


jena said...

I have goosebumps. You are never again going to be the same, are you? There is a song by Sara Groves called, "I Saw What I Saw". I still can't listen to it without balling. But it's true... you can't see what you see there and ever return the same.

Praying for you and all those at Sanyu.

Sasa said...

Wow...what a week! You and all the others are in my prayers.

Just A Family said...

Praying for you and so excited for you....:)