Friday, June 19, 2009

Court Date

We have a court date for next week on Wednesday or Thursday for Irene. I hope that we can get Andrew in the next week. With waiting a week for the ruling and then having to get passports and visas, it's going to be tight getting back on our original ticket. Pray for speedy process and a favorable ruling. Thanks.


gilliesblog said...

I'm back! Good luck to you all.....give us an update on Esther when you can! Susan went home and is waiting to get the medical reports back. I'm sure Hedda filled you in!

The McDaniels said...

Congrats on Irene's court date!

Lisa Killingsworth said...

I am glad that your court date is set. I am so excited about you getting not one but two babies. They are precious and you are going to be a wonderful Mother. I will contact Mary about purchasing some of the shirts to help out with your expenses. Keeping you and the babies in my prayers.