Friday, May 29, 2009

Catching up

I’m going to try to catch up on the story so far.
Sunday. Went to church with Godfrey at the Kampala International Church. It is where a lot of embassy workers and other muzungas go. It doesn’t last as long as some of the others. It is held on the campus of a private school that is beautiful. It is in an open air pavillion. It reminded me of having church in the barn. The sermon series for the next few weeks is on sex. That’s all I’m saying about that for now.
Monday. Started out normal. Went and helped out at the baby home. We took some of the kids to a public pool down the street. I got to take Irene/Willa Rae also. She doesn’t like the water. Bath time is going to be fun. That is not the worst part, though. I got to dehydrated and threw up not once but twice in a planter in front of everyone. Talk about an ice breaker. Thankfully Tara took WR for me and I went back to my room took some Phenergin and went to bed.
Tuesday. Slept til lunch. Went over and played in the afternoon. Stayed for feeding, but ditched nappy changing. Just not up to it tonight.
Wednesday. Went over for class time. Peter called and had to dash off to his office to sign some papers. Came back in time to feed WR, change her and head to the doctor’s office for blood work. They were running 2 hours behind, so we went to the mall for lunch and came back. WR is so great!! The doctor stuck her thumb with a needle from a syringe and she only cried for about 5 seconds. We don’t get the results until we come back tomorrow.
We did not have our regular driver, Godfrey. I am going to take a moment and do a little advertising for him. If you are considering coming to Uganda, you have to call him. He is the best. He has taken care of us so much. He calls and checks on us, even on the days he doesn’t drive for us. He is very knowledgable about the adoption process. I would be totally lost with out him.

Thursday Back to see the doctor. HIV NEGATIVE!!!!!! He said everything else looked OK and he would forward our paperwork to the embassy. We came back and spent the rest of the day at the babies home. It was a very exciting day in the neighborhood. There is a new ‘mayor’ of the area and they threw an all day party, with music, speakers, food, and a visit from the President.
We have been without water in the guest house for 2 days now. Thankfully it has been cool. No showers and pouring water into the toilet to flush. AHHH the luxury

Thursday, May 28, 2009

where do i begin?

Where do I begin? We managed to get here with all of our luggage and no delays. We spent day one just trying to get acclimated. We were awake at about 4am just in time for the mosque’s call to worship. I don’t know if you have ever heard something like that, but they want to make sure every Muslim in Uganda knows that it is time to pray. We get to hear it 5 times a day. Add in a rooster that doesn’t know that he is only supposed to crow at sunrise and sleep has been pretty hit or miss. We got to meet Barbara, the home manager, and she told us there were 3 girls under the age of one. Two had just come in this week. She had a staff member give us a tour. We did not get to see any of the little girls however. She said I should meet with Peter and tell him about the situation and see if he thought we could get a case processed on the girls that had just been dropped off.
We got up the next morning and Godfrey (Who I LOVE by the way) took us to see Peter. I gave him all of the required paperwork. I explained that there were 2 girls that had been brought to the home in the last 5 days. And asked if he thought a case could be processed on them fast enough. He said yes go back to the home and choose a child. WHAT?? TODAY? Everyone says that Barbara makes you wait a week or more. He said to get him the file back to his office that afternoon and he would start processing everything. He had even had business with the probation officer earlier and had asked him to stay so he could meet me. He agreed that if we could get the file back to him that afternoon or Saturday he would start working on the case(only muzungas work 5 days a week) So we rushed back to the babies home and in to talk to Barbara again. I told her that Peter had said to choose a child and we would start the paper work. I think she was as surprised as I was. So they took us to go see the available girls. There were 2 in the playroom to begin with and we started playing with them and the other children. Then they brought in Irene. She was so cute!!! She has the chubbiest cheeks. She was still in shock from being in the orphanage, so she had the most solemn expression on her face. We played a while longer and I prayed about it and God said to choose Irene. We all got up (Martha, Godfrey, my binder and laptop and me) and went back to Barbara’s office. We exchanged more paperwork and they sent us on our way with Irene and a social worker.
We had to go back to Peter’s office to drop off the file and pick up a copy of my home study for Barbara. Then it was off to get photos made of Irene for her medical checkup, for Peter’s file, for Barbara’s file, for Visas and passport, and for the advertisement they put in the paper. We left there and went to ‘the Surgery’ to get medical exams done. This is where we hit our only road block of the day. We could not get an appointment. I have to keep calling to get one and make sure it is before our court date. Which will hopefully be in the next couple of weeks.
We stopped at the store on the way home to buy a few supplies. We were hopeful that Irene would get to start staying with us, but she only got to stay the afternoon. I do get to see her quite a bit though. She was so quiet the first day and wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone. She has started making eye contact, babbling, and even clapping her hands. She will eat anything. They give them cups, with no lids, and they hold them and drink their porridge from them. Today she was holding a cup in one hand and half a banana in the other. I knew then that she was meant to be my child.
I’ll post more again later. Just know that your prayers a working and are being felt. Thank you to all of you prayer warriors!!! Keep up the good work. We are moving at lightning speed.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So far

So far we are at the Birmingham Airport. Not alot of progress I know.
We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. The hardest part was getting all of our luggage inside. What happened to skycaps? I had my tip ready and everything.
All of our bags were Ok at 49lbs, 50.5lbs(she let me fudge a little), and Martha had to swith some books from 1 suitcase to the other.
There was no line at the security check and Martha only had 1 bottle that was too big. So now we wait.
I will try to blog again when we get to Amsterdam. I don't think I will have time in HOuston.

I'm Not Doing It

I had someone ask me the other day, "How are you doing all of this?"

My answer, "I am not doing this. God is." There is no way I could have gotten everything to fall into place the way it has. I thank God every day for what He is teaching me through this process. He is teaching me to lean on Him, to listen to Him, and above all to trust Him in everything. I have learned that before I try to help the process along I should pray and ask God if it is something I should really do. Let's face it He doesn't need my help. I would have just managed to delay things and cause a big mess.

We leave in a few hours. I don't know when I will be able to blog again, so I just wanted to thank everyone for everything they have done to help me. Thanks for buying cookies, cakes, dinners and t-shirts. Thanks for the love. Thanks for the prayers.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My God is Awesome

Originally I would have been on a plane right now headed to Kampala. But plans change. I have been running around town today trying to wrap up loose ends, see friends before I leave, and buy more candy.
I had just got home and was on the cell phone with my best friend. I stopped at the mailbox to check the mail for the last time and what did I receive? My I-797 approval!!!!! I was approved on my birthday and I just got it. So I screamed in my friends ear and did a little dance around the mailbox.
So I think I now have the last piece of the paperwork puzzle in my binder. I hope I don't need anything else.
Now I just have to repack again and I will be ready to leave in the morning=)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Packing up and Praying up

We are almost ready to leave. We leave in less than 72 hours. We wanted to ask for a little help with our journey. I have a list of prayer requests for all of you prayer warriors. Please cover us(my aunt Martha and me) with prayer.
Here is our list:
*God's blessing, guidance, and protection as we travel.
*Our health.
*God would make it clear which child or children are mine.
*Good lawyers and judges.
*The process would be smooth and move quickly.
*We would be able to help as many people as possible.
*I will be able to bring the children home with me this trip.
*We can keep expenses to a minimum.
*God's will be don in all ways.

Thanks and blessings to you all!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Slight Change in Plans

I will not be leaving on May 18th. We got a flight out of Birmingham on May 19th!!!! and it was cheaper!!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm Off

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be leaving for Uganda on May 18th. I am so excited I could throw up. I have been packing and cleaning all day. I have thought about this for so long that now I can't get my mind wrapped around the fact that I am going.

I need advice from all of you world travelers. Let me know what I should take. What I should see.

I'll be posting more later this week.

Thanks for all of your prayers.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Blog

Shortly after starting this journey, I asked God to help me raise money for my adoption. He gave me the idea of Believe T-Shirts. I have been selling them for 7-8 months locally and have success. I am starting a new blog to sell them online. Please visit my new blog and tell me what you think. Let me know how you like the shirts even if you don't buy one. I know everyone is on a budget. All of the profits go to my adoption fund.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Light bulb Moments

In First Grade, we have what we call 'Light bulb Moments'. It is when no matter how hard you have been teaching or how many times or ways you teach a concept a student just doesn't understand it. You go on and weeks later all of a sudden the student understands. You haven't done anything different. They just get it. The light bulb has come on.

Lately I have been having a few light bulb moments of my own. God has been revealing things to me. He has had to show me in many different ways, by many different people, but I am finally getting it. I thought I would share with everyone some of the things I am learning.

A few weeks ago, I was reading on Brent Riggs' site, He was talking about how America had moved so far away from God. He explained that he thought because of our prosperity as a nation, we no longer felt the need to rely on God. Because God had blessed us a a nation that worshipped Him and were in His will we promptly turned our back on Him. 'We can take care of ourselves, we don't need God. We're doing just fine, maybe even better. We don't like Your plan God it is too hard.'
Sound like anyone you know? Maybe those complainers from the Old Testament.

So the question is are we going to learn from the Israelite's mistakes or is history going to repeat itself? Can we come together as Christians and change the direction our country is going? Can we change the way we think as a nation? It's not all about me and what I want to do. It is doing what God wants us to do. Can we turn loose of what has become the American dream, more, more, and more things? I am challenging myself to let go of the things that I think I can't live without and use that money to help those with less. I am trying to seek God's will more. I am trying to hear the still, small voice leading me.