Saturday, May 11, 2013

Doing Hair with Tears

Saturday is hair day around here. It does sometimes mean tears. Long minutes and hours sitting still and lots of combing and twisting and braiding and parting and conditioning can lead to tears. Tonight the tears were mine. In a few days it will be 4 years since I left for Uganda. That means it has been 4 years since 2 children arrived at an orphanage, within days of each other. It means that 2 women that gave birth to 2 beautiful babies, could no longer parent their babies for whatever reason. It means hearts were broken. Hard decisions were made. Two moms became a part of me becoming a mom. I wonder about these women. I can't imagine what they went through. What were the circumstances that led to their babies being placed in an orphanage? Are they still alive? I want to hug them. I want to cry with them. I want to laugh and celebrate their children with them. Their babies are beautiful, healthy, strong, smart, fast, awesome, and so Ugandan! I want to ask them questions--Where does she get her sassiness? How did he get the scar on his neck? Did you sing all of the time like he does? and dance? I want so much for them to be able to know, and love, and touch, and see their babies. I want to thank them for helping me become a mom. I pray that I am the type of mother they would want for their babies. I want to wish them a Happy Mother's Day.