Monday, February 23, 2009

It's been a busy week

I know I have to get better at posting, but I never seem to have time.   Last week was jammed.  

I had my first home study interview on Monday(a day off from school).  The meeting went well and I have my second interview next week.  Now I only have to write my autobiography between now and then.  I left my interview and headed to Costco.   I love Costco.  I don't even have to go on a free sample day to enjoy a day of looking a large packages of "stuff".  The reason I am at Costco this week however is because I am raising funds.  My church has graciously allowed me, my mom, my aunt, and several other wonderful ladies to cook dinner on Wed. night in exchange for donations.  We also decided to get really ambitious and sell plates on Thurs. for lunch at the schools where I teach(we sold 70).   We cooked chicken and dressing, green beans, corn, salad, and cake for over 100 people.  That meant cooking for 4 days.   The food was delicious and God blessed our hard work.   Next months menu is corn bread, pinto beans with ham, turnip greens, fried okra and macaroni and cheese.  Ya'll come by for a good ol' southern meal.  

There were many other things going on that I won't go into.  I just wanted to say that through all of the busyness,  God is still in control.  I am so glad that He is.  I would have messed it all up.  

Monday, February 9, 2009

Flip Flops in February

Was the groundhog wrong?  It has been unseasonably warm here in AL.  Sunday afternoon when it was time to return to church, my feet refused to be encased in socks and shoes.  So out came the flip flops.  I know some people call them thongs, but around here you don't wear those on your feet.   I should live at the beach!  I love to buy shoes, I just don't want to have to wear them.  My shoes come off as soon as it is socially acceptable(most of the time).  

So for the next few days my feet will be wonderfully free!!!! 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love is in the air

I wanted to post a picture of the new Valentine's shirt.  I think it's pretty cute.  Let me know what you think.  If you want to order one just e-mail me at  All profits go to help me bring home my Ugandan babies.  

Oh, did I say babies?  That's right I have made the decision to try to adopt 2 children.  I have always been one to jump in with both feet.  Please continue to pray that I follow God's path for me and my(soon to be)children.  It has been a very up and down couple of weeks that I won't go into.  The rant in my last posting should be enough.  Thanks to all of you and God bless you.