Monday, April 27, 2009

Up, Down, Up

Last week I needed medication.
It came in the form of some of the candy I had bought to take to Uganda.
After I found out that USCIS had all of the pieces of my puzzle that they needed, I promptly called my senator the next day. They even had a little form for me to download and send with all of my information and what I needed their help with. I thought that was very thoughtful of them. My opinion of their thoughtfulness changed the next day. I was told that Atlanta was backed up and it could be as long as 30 days before my application was approved. There was nothing they could do. Call back if I have not heard anything in 30 days. PHSSTSTTHT!!!!(that's me making an ugly noise)
I just knew that I would not be able to make it to Uganda in time to get my court dates before they closed for the summer vacation. Thanks to the blog world my hopes were lifted. My new Southern friend, Teresa, told me that she had heard it was only taking USCIS 2 weeks to process I-600a applications. YEAH!!! Then the great news, her lawyer said that the Ugandan courts were not closing until July 15th. PRAISE GOD!!!!
I haven't made plane reservations yet, but I have put down the chocolate.
Thanks for all of the prayers and advice.


gilliesblog said...

How are you adopting in Uganda? I'm just curious as I am looking into it as well. I was just curious. Did you go to Uganda to find your kids and hire a Ugandan lawyer on your own? Or, are you trying to work with an agency?

Tanya said...

I have a lawyer in Kampala. I am not using and agency. I am going at the end of this month to Sanyu Babies Home to identify the children I am going to get guardianship of. I learned of this process from a friend of a friend. They started a blog that gives the details of how you can adopt.

Sister Haiti said...

Hi! I'm just curious what lawyer you are using in Kampala. We are also researching Uganda adoptions and just talked to Sanyu this morning. Can't wait to follow your journey! :)

Tanya said...

My lawyer is Peter Nyombi, check out