Thursday, April 2, 2009

African Children's Choir

Last night I got to see the African Children's Choir for the second time.  It was wonderful!!!!  If you have never seen a performance please go to their website,  and check their schedule to see if they are going to be in your area.  

The choir was started in 1984 by a man visiting Uganda.  He wanted to find a way to help the orphans and was inspired to start the choir by a street boy he heard singing.  The choir has a school in Kampala and has purchased 15 acres in Entebbe to build a larger school.  The choir is made up of orphans from Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, Kenya, South Africa, and Ghana.  The parent organization, Music for Life, has programs to educate orphans in all of these countries.  The children who tour are ages 7 to 11 years old.  They have to audition to become part of the program.  If they are accepted they are educated through their secondary education and some have also gone on to college.  To date the programs have educated 7,000 orphans in Africa.  
If you can't adopt an child this is another way to help.  They have a sponsorship program and they need chaperons to travel with the choir.  You can adopt short term:)

While the performance was awesome, it did make me long to go to Uganda and get my babies.  I got good news from my lawyer in Uganda.  He said if I can get to Uganda with all of my paperwork at the beginning of May, we should be able to get all of my court dates in before the system closes for June and July.  If I can do that, I can bring my babies home in June and spend the summer with them before school starts back.  Yipeee!! Wahoo!!! Holy Crap!!!

So pray that the wheels of bureaucracy turn quickly.  I still have to clear Alabama DHR and USCIS.   Thanks for all of your prayers and advice. 


jena said...

Go God Go!

Brandi said...

I'll be in Uganda the first week of May! When are you thinking of heading over?


Tanya said...

I'm hoping the first week of May also. Just praying for clearences!