Monday, March 23, 2009

NO I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...

I have been in home study land. I started this process at the end of January and Friday was my last interview.  When I started I was told that it would take at least 4 if not 5 months.  This really freaked me out, because MY plan is to travel in May.   I had my first interview on President's Day and the intensity began.  For the last 6 weeks I have been gathering all of the paperwork, answering the lovely discussion questions(Yes that is sarcasm), and doing my required readings, and praying.  I know that if this process is going to happen as fast as I want it to I'm going to have to have God's approval.  He has come through again.  In February, my social worker told me that she only works 3 days a week from 9-2.  This was not good news as I am trying desperately to hang on to all of my sick days.  When I went back for my second interview, my social worker told me that she was moving back to Florida and needed to rush my home study up if at all possible(WOO HOO!).  So I had to kick it into high gear.  
Last week was my Spring Break from school.  Did I get to go visit my friends in St. Pete Beach? No,  I had to finish everything and by my 1:30 appointment on Friday everything in my house was cleaner than it has ever been.  My eyes were crossed from doing 10 hours of internet reading, and my nerves were on edge.  Everything went great and my home study will hopefully be sent to Alabama Dept of Human Resources this week.  I have been told it may take 2 weeks or more for them to OK everything, then it goes to NCIS in Atlanta where it could take months.

But guess what??? I'm not worried.   My God is in control.   If I should travel in May, He will see that everything happens.  If I have to wait until the fall there is a reason and it will be for the better.  I am still praying for May and please feel free to join me in sending this prayer up.
He will even send me the money I need to complete everything(pray for that too, if you don't mind).

So my rest and relaxation over Spring Break consisted of me being a complete couch potato on Saturday.   I don't think I was up to forming a coherent thought.  

Giving up one Spring Break will be worth getting to spend the summer and the rest of my life with my children.  A tan would just fade.

Thanks for all of your prayers and advice.  

By the way, all of the readings I had to do on bonding and attachment disorder has got me a little freaked out.  Is it really as bad as they say?


Missy said...

You're in lower AL, right? You should come down to Destin to hang with me sometime. My hubby will be gone from the end of April until the end of June....maybe you could come for a weekend during that time. Would love the adult company...Hang in are so right...God IS in control.

jena said...

You have such a great attitude! Thanks for updating. We love to check to see the latest! Praying for you!