Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We finally have our visas. As we say a day late and about $2000 short. We are still packed up, but have dug up enough clothing to last us the next few days. We may be staying at another guest house in Kampala for the last few days. We are causing an overbooking problem at Sanyu.
If anyone is interested these are the things we hope to eat when we get home. Grilled cheeseburgers with dill pickles(you cant even find pickles here)
Real Fries
Sweet Tea with ice
bisquits with butter and blackberries
Mr. Cliff's deer steak
Real fried chicken--I cant begin to explain what they do to it here
cheese sticks from Cujo's
strawberries--the only fruit we can not find cheap
homemade chex mix
good bread, crackers, and cakes, if we come back Martha is opening a proper bakery here


The Bentley's said...

Awesome! I have been following your journey and I am so happy you can soon bring your babies home! How long have you been there so far.

jena said...

Rejoicing with you!