Sunday, July 12, 2009

Birthday Party Part 2

The internet was not cooperating last night so I did not get to post like I had wanted. We had a birthday party for Mercy yesterday. Willa Rae and I horned in on it. I had chosen June 28th for WRs birthday, but that happened to fall on the weekend that Andrew was sick and I got sick, so we never celebrated. Therefor we shared a party with Mercy. We got the kids dressed up, we opened presents and had chocolate cake, pringles and juice. A very fun day for everyone!!!!


Brandi said...

ahhh. . .love the bow and the dress! Gracie has that dress too! SUPER cute!


gilliesblog said...

So beautiful! What an honor to have met your kids!!!

jena said...

Pretty in pink for sure!!!!