Thursday, October 2, 2008

OK I'm going to try this again.

Ok, here I go again.  I am really going to try to commit to this blogging thing.  I enjoy reading them I just don't enjoy writing so much.  I think it goes back to my freshman English professor who failed me.  The woman had it out for me from the beginning.  When I wrote an opinion paper she told me my opinion was wrong.  Excuse me?!?!  You can disagree with my opinion, and people do on occasion, but I don't think MY opinion can be wrong.  
OK back from that tangent now.  This blog is about my adoption journey.  Which as with many journeys, it has been blessed with many twists and turns and side trips.
I will write more about this soon.  
I have a lot of stuff in the works now and I will post about it soon. 
I will also try to get some pictures up soon.  I am always the one behind the camera, not in front of it.
Thanks for any comments.  I need help with this whole blogging thing.  I want all the great bells and whistles, like music and cool wallpaper and stuff.  Somebody tell me what to do!!!!

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