Friday, August 7, 2009

We're home!!!!

We are finally home and this post is really late. Our travels home were not without incident. I may have to do serious bodily harm to my travel agent. I had heard that the airlines were so helpful to people traveling with small children. It must not have been the airlines we travelled on. When we finally arrived in Newark there was a storm coming through the east. It delayed or flight by over 2 hours which meant we were not going to make our connection in Atlanta. After 30 hours of traveling, I could not wait another 12 hours to get home when it only takes 3 hours to drive it. So I called my darling dad and he came and picked us up at midnight and drove us home while we all slept.
The kids have adjusted well and are taking to life in America. They will eat chicken in any form. My mom is still amazed at how much they eat. The 2 kids ate more last night than the 3 adults did for dinner.
I had to go back to work on Wednesday, so things are busy, busy, busy. I will get pictures posted soon. Thanks for all of the prayers while we were gone. Please don't stop praying now that we are home.
Tanya, Andrew and Willa Rae


The McDaniels said...

Glad to hear you're home. And no airlines don't always do much. When I came home with E I had to beg for any extra leg room and when I travel alone with my kids on airlines I get more dirty looks for trying something crazy rather than help. Ehh, I guess they don't care much about service anymore!

discountmeat said...

welcome home!! we're following in your footsteps in the next few weeks, so the information you have here is so helpful!! If you happen to have more photos of the kids at sanyu, I would love to see them, as our little ones are likely there right now!
all the best as you settle in with your new little family!!