Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sanyu News

I know that some of the people who are following my blog are interested in adopting from Sanyu. I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Sanyu has been getting a lot of media exposure and as a result, Ugandan families have been coming in to adopt. The bad news is there are no children available for international families at this time. This could change at any time, so keep in touch with Sanyu. We are also trying to get some information on other orphanages that would have children available and have the needed certification to place children for adoption.
As always with international adoption, things are changing. We will try to get as much information out as possible. I hope to start a Ugandan adoption Yahoo group soon. I have been a little busy and today was the first day of school, so it may be a while.


Sister Haiti said...


When didyou hear this? I just talked to her the other day and she didn't say anything about that to me. We are hoping to travel in October, so maybe she thinks things will be different by then? Hmmm....


ps: there are two Uganda adoption Yahoo! groups out there. Neither is very active, but they do have posts now and again. :)

Jane said...

We just adopted from Mercy Home of Children successfully & I believe they have plenty of adoptable children there--mostly age 3 or older but such beautiful talented children!!!

The McDaniels said...

That's the best news! For a child to stay in their home country is second to a child being with birth parents (international adoption being a best 3rd alternative). So proud of the locals for stepping up!