Thursday, May 28, 2009

where do i begin?

Where do I begin? We managed to get here with all of our luggage and no delays. We spent day one just trying to get acclimated. We were awake at about 4am just in time for the mosque’s call to worship. I don’t know if you have ever heard something like that, but they want to make sure every Muslim in Uganda knows that it is time to pray. We get to hear it 5 times a day. Add in a rooster that doesn’t know that he is only supposed to crow at sunrise and sleep has been pretty hit or miss. We got to meet Barbara, the home manager, and she told us there were 3 girls under the age of one. Two had just come in this week. She had a staff member give us a tour. We did not get to see any of the little girls however. She said I should meet with Peter and tell him about the situation and see if he thought we could get a case processed on the girls that had just been dropped off.
We got up the next morning and Godfrey (Who I LOVE by the way) took us to see Peter. I gave him all of the required paperwork. I explained that there were 2 girls that had been brought to the home in the last 5 days. And asked if he thought a case could be processed on them fast enough. He said yes go back to the home and choose a child. WHAT?? TODAY? Everyone says that Barbara makes you wait a week or more. He said to get him the file back to his office that afternoon and he would start processing everything. He had even had business with the probation officer earlier and had asked him to stay so he could meet me. He agreed that if we could get the file back to him that afternoon or Saturday he would start working on the case(only muzungas work 5 days a week) So we rushed back to the babies home and in to talk to Barbara again. I told her that Peter had said to choose a child and we would start the paper work. I think she was as surprised as I was. So they took us to go see the available girls. There were 2 in the playroom to begin with and we started playing with them and the other children. Then they brought in Irene. She was so cute!!! She has the chubbiest cheeks. She was still in shock from being in the orphanage, so she had the most solemn expression on her face. We played a while longer and I prayed about it and God said to choose Irene. We all got up (Martha, Godfrey, my binder and laptop and me) and went back to Barbara’s office. We exchanged more paperwork and they sent us on our way with Irene and a social worker.
We had to go back to Peter’s office to drop off the file and pick up a copy of my home study for Barbara. Then it was off to get photos made of Irene for her medical checkup, for Peter’s file, for Barbara’s file, for Visas and passport, and for the advertisement they put in the paper. We left there and went to ‘the Surgery’ to get medical exams done. This is where we hit our only road block of the day. We could not get an appointment. I have to keep calling to get one and make sure it is before our court date. Which will hopefully be in the next couple of weeks.
We stopped at the store on the way home to buy a few supplies. We were hopeful that Irene would get to start staying with us, but she only got to stay the afternoon. I do get to see her quite a bit though. She was so quiet the first day and wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone. She has started making eye contact, babbling, and even clapping her hands. She will eat anything. They give them cups, with no lids, and they hold them and drink their porridge from them. Today she was holding a cup in one hand and half a banana in the other. I knew then that she was meant to be my child.
I’ll post more again later. Just know that your prayers a working and are being felt. Thank you to all of you prayer warriors!!! Keep up the good work. We are moving at lightning speed.


Becky Ryder said...

Awesome, what a cutie:) I'll be praying for your court hearing and quick process!

jena said...

I am just in tears... happy tears! Fiercely praying for you and Irene! She is beautiful and I think you will be very happy together!!!!! Tell Godfrey we send our love... miss that man, he was such a blessing to us during our time there.

Kathryn said...

Sweet Jesus! She's incredibly adorable. We wish you all the best with getting everything done so you can bring her home!
We are eagerly awaiting to go to Sanyu ourselves, but they are so booked up! Can't wait!

Congrats Mom!!

Patty said...

Tanya she is precious! We are still praying things are still going smoothly. Sending our love and prayers to you, Martha and Irene. Looking forward to your safe return!
The Isom Family

gilliesblog said...

Tanya, I've read your blog through Jena's blog. I will be at Sanyu on June 4th. Maybe I'll see you there? If not, I'll say hi to Irene for sure. Hope to meet you!

Spirit of Adoption said...

Praise be to GOD!!!! I'm just in tears and can't wait to get there!!! :) SHE is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Beth said...

She is too cute!! Can't wait to meet her.