Friday, December 19, 2008

The Fork in the Road

When I started this journey, I assumed that like most of my journeys that I would take a straight path to my destination(adoption in Liberia).  I WAS WRONG!!  I self righteously thought that I had a plan, and if I stuck with the plan, everything would be smooth sailing.  All of you people who have already adopted can stop laughing now;).  
Thankfully I have been smart enough to not completely depend on my plans, but to rely on God's plans.  I can praise God for His roadblocks and potholes that led me to another road, Uganda. Now there have been some side trips that I took on my own, a failed domestic adoption, but God has directed me back to the path He has for me. 
I praise Him for the success of my t-shirt business.  I can now get my homestudy completed and move joyfully forward.  My hope is to be able to travel in May or June.  Please pray with me that this is the timeline God has in store and that my journey continue on His path as well.  

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