Monday, November 3, 2008

Believe T-shirts

When I began this journey a year and a half ago, one of my main concerns was how I was going to finance my adoption.  I am a single teacher in Alabama.  I am not exactly rolling in the dough.  But as usual my God came through for me.

After much prayer for not only a way to raise money for the adoption, but a way to supplement my income after I brought a child home, God gave me the answer.  He gave me the idea to start a t-shirt company.  All of the t-shirts are based on scripture or biblical principals.  My hope is for this new endeavor to not only be a way to make income, but more importantly, a way to spread God's word.  I am starting slowly with just a few designs.  I should have a website up after Thanksgiving, but I wanted to share with my blog buddies now.  I hope to be able to offer the shirts as a fundraising opportunity for other adopting families in the future.  Please take a look at the shirts and give me your input.  
The white t-shirt is short sleeved and is available in adult  small to extra-large.
The pink shirt is short sleeved and available in children's sizes extra-small to large and adult sizes small to 3X.
The brown shirt is the Thanksgiving design.  It comes in long sleeves and sizes from adult small to 3X.  I can get the shirt in children's sizes xs-l in a lighter brown.
The gray shirt is long sleeved and is available in children's sizes extra-small to large and adult sizes small to 3X.
the price is $16 for short sleeved and $18 for long sleeved plus $3 shipping and handling.

If you are interested in ordering a shirt please e-mail me at  I will take a check until I can get a PayPal system set up.  If you want to email me your order I can have it pulled and mail it as soon as I get your check.

If you do order a shirt please use it as a witnessing tool.


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