Saturday, June 5, 2010

Warrior Girls Unite!!!!

The following was taken from Brandi's blog. She is a friend that I met through a Yahoo group. She led me to the Penners, who led me to Uganda and my children and my passion. The only way I can think to repay her is to join her group, a group of women who are answering the call of Jesus to be warriors and change the world. Join us too.

Ok, the WarriorGirl thing is taking it to a new level. We have a new YahooGroup. Feel free to join. Just go to and search "IamaWarriorGirl" and join! Here's more info about the concept if you've missed me talking about it here.

WarriorGirl is a silly name of a blog I wrote last year when I was studying Beth Moore. You see, like many of you, I had struggled for years over the kind of woman I was. I'm not mild and meek. I'm not a soccer mom who spends most of her days baking cookies for her kid's class (not that these are bad things!) but I'm the kind of soccer mom who hangs at the park with other moms and brings up sex-trafficking! I have a big personality and a loud mouth. I felt for a long time like I wasn't the proper Christian woman/wife/mom. Then, one night Beth Moore is teaching on Esther and she begins talking about how Esther is a warrior. In fact, she then takes us to Proverbs 31 and says that the same word used for the Proverbs 31 woman is also used for Gideon - the great warrior. That night, I felt like I understood for the first time - I am a WarriorGirl. I'm still a girl who loves her toenails painted and a great romantic comedy, but I've got some fight in me :-)

This silly blog post of mine took on a life of its own as other girls read it and responded. It turned into a phrase we use quite commonly and everywhere I go, I meet women who would characterize themselves as WarriorGirls.

What is a WarriorGirl - WarriorGirls are godly women who have a burning desire in them to fight against injustice. We aren't going to sit by while children die and suffer in abject poverty or oppression. We are standing up as moms, wives, sisters, women to make a difference in our world. This will look different for each one of us - the issues may be different - the areas of passion - and the ways we fight against injustice. All that matters is that we are passionately pursuing the God of justice and seeing His kingdom come in this world. We aren't apologizing anymore. Yep, we are girls - but we are also warriors :-)

That brings us to today - we wanted to start to form a place for community. Many WarriorGirls feel out of place in this world. As we fight injustice we can find that many people find us uncomfortable. This leaves many warriorgirls either abdicating the swords to be more palatable to the people around them or feeling extremely lonely. We wanted to form this group as a place we can encourage and challenge each other. Tell us about your passions, your causes....let's brainstorm together, let's support one another, let's cheer each other on and most of all - let's hit our knees together.

Most of us are involved in what we call iFast58, fasting and praying each Wednesday for the world's poor, hungry and oppressed as well as those that serve them. (email me privately for more info!) We also frequently set up prayer conference calls just for the warriorgirls to lift one another before the throne.

Thanks for joining us. Thanks for your passion for the poor. Thanks for not giving up your sword even though it may make you feel crazy at times :-) You are world changers and I'm thrilled and honored to be your friend and fellow WarriorGirl.

Now, go join the group and introduce yourself!!! Oh yeah, and feel free to spread the word to other warriorgirls out there. You can use any of this post you want in a blog or FB or write your own thoughts about being a WarriorGirl!

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