Friday, February 24, 2012


Mama Florence is getting a new birthing center!!!!

I want to start out by saying THANK YOU!!!!! to Keltie McDonald!!!

While I was in Uganda in December, Keltie contacted me about helping Kamengo. We discussed the needs of the village and the project she felt drawn to was a new birthing center for Mama Florence. So she got together with some of her friends and started raising money. They raised $3000 and 3 of the ladies are on their way to Uganda as we speak to visit Kamengo and see a dream being built.

The new building will be large enough to hold 2 to 3 beds and a crib. It will have new beds and new equipment for Mama Florence!! It will provide a safer place for the mothers of Kamengo to give birth to the future of Kamengo.

We will be posting construction updates as we get them.

If you haven't visited the Olwazzi Ministries blog or facebook page, please go check them out and keep going back for updates.

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Ashlee said...

Wow, how exciting and wonderful!