Sunday, May 15, 2011

Godfrey needs our help

Meet Godfrey and his family. Those of us that have been blessed with having Godfrey come into our lives during our adoptions journey's can honestly say that we have a brother, son, friend for life. Godfrey is one of those amazing men that loves children, loves his family and he cares so deeply about the people that he come into touch with, sometimes to his own detriment. Godfrey will literally give the shirt off his back ( and he has done that!) and now he is in need of our help and support. His 5 month old daughter baby Elizabeth has been diagnosed with a heart condition. It is not a matter of life and death(for now!), but it is a condition that cannot be treated in Uganda and which will need some type of intervention. To be quite honest, two cardiologists that looked at Elizabeth's records here in the US suspect that there might be secondary defects that did not show up on the more rudimentary heart echo done in Uganda.

We need to raise almost 5000$ for plane tickets in the next 10 days. We need to find a hospital and cardiologist willing to see baby Elizabeth for free. We need favor for the visas to be issued by the embassy and we need everyone's support and prayers desperately.

All the crafts on our blog if bought will benefit Godfrey's tickets. Awaka has ZERO overhead. Every penny goes towards what we fundraise for and so all money from crafts being sold will go towards Godfrey's ticket fund from now on out. Also, we will be launching t-shirt next week to benefit Godfrey too so please check in for that and new crafts being uploaded. is our paypal account should you simply feel led to donate.

Blessings to you all as you consider helping baby Elizabeth.

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