Monday, April 19, 2010

This is a tent...only a tent!

I have been thinking a lot about earthly desires vs. spiritual desires. What are we desirous of here on earth? What should we be desiring eternally? I am afraid that I was disappointed in myself and Christians as a whole. Shouldn't we all be more concerned about things that are going to have eternal implications and not just during our time here on earth? I mean, our time here on earth is just a vapor, our bodies are just a tent. Spiritual things are going to have ETERNAL consequences!!!!
So I have been asking myself a lot of questions. Some I got from blogs and even facebook. Some I got from my pastor. And some I believe came from God.
-Why do we work so hard to have more things here on earth?
-Are we on a mission to be wealthier or holier?
-Do we need a bigger house? Are we going to use it to give foster kids or orphans or the homeless a place to stay? or are we going to use it to house more stuff we have to work more to buy?
-Do we really need a new car? boat? camper? vacation home? Are they going to teach our children to be better Christians? Are they going to bring us closer to God?
-How much money do we need? Do I need a years salary in savings?
-Can my money work for others better than it can work for me?
- If I am using what God gives me wisely do I need to worry about having $1 million before I retire?
-What is the way I am living my life teaching my children?
-Am I training them to be pro athletes or prayer warriors?
-Are we trying to lift up ourselves or lift up Jesus?
-Am I living a life that brings glory to God or glory to me?
-What am I using my God-given talents for?
-How much money are our churches spending on programs like Upward sports and VBS when there are hungry people in our neighborhoods?
-Why will we do anything to save someone's physical life, but we won't share the gospel with them(save their spiritual life)
-Wouldn't spending eternity with them be better than a few more years?
-Do $300 jeans really fit better than $30 jeans? Couldn't that $270 buy groceries for a family in need for a month?
-Do $500 shoes wear out any less than $50 shoes? Couldn't that $450 send a slum boy in Uganda to boarding school for a year? YES, food, shelter, clothing and education for a year.

Unfortunately we as Christians have largely succumbed to the world's marketing. Women should look like Paris Hilton and keep a schedule of perfectly planned 'Martha Stewart' events, not be a Proverbs 31 woman. Men are expected to work 80+ hours a week to provide all of the 'things' his family needs, not be the spiritual head of the home. We only worry about the immediate. What do I want right now? What can I have right now if I whip out the credit card? What can I have more of?

The big question is 'What can I do right now and for the rest of my life here on earth that will have eternal implications?'
I am trying to come up with the answer to this one too. Leave me a comment and let me know what your answers are.

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Becky Ryder said...

"crucify" oneself daily and put on the armor to guard against all of satan's distractions.

Everything we say and do will have eternal implications. A good word will show Christ, a bad word could permanently injure someone from ever coming to Christ. Same with our actions.

Good questions! We're starting the adoption process again! Maybe Uganda!